Running a successful business today is a challenge for many especially when it comes to the online space and that is why tuli wano.

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2d and 3d animations

We're Making Video Animation Affordable to Your Business.We all know that video animation can get very expensive. Most agencies charge a few thousand shillings for a minute of video. While that is the standard market price, we're thinking of how else can the price be greatly reduced for customers without cutting corners or compromising on the quality. To resolve this biggest pain point, we setup a network of providers to partner with us where through our bulk orders, we manage to significantly reduce the video production cost and passed on the savings back to customer.

2d animations

2D animation is the art of creating movement in a two-dimensional space. This includes characters, creatures, FX and backgrounds. The illusion of movement is created when individual drawings are sequenced together over time. One second of time is usually divided into 24 frames.

3d animations

3D animation is a graphic technique that utilizes motion in order to bring characters, objects, props, and more to life. Though 3D animation has primarily been used in the creation of video games, films, and TV shows, its usages have grown alongside its popularity.

What We Believe

We believe in shaping and building brands by crafting the perfect balance of authentic, and impacting interactions with your audience. This includes strategy, design, content and campaign roll out.

Web Development

Web Development is the building and maintenance of conversion landing pages, brand and eCommerce websites. It’s the work that happens behind the scenes to make your future or current website look great, perform better, and with a seamless user experience

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brand marketing

We shape and build brands, by crafting the perfect balance of authentic, and impactful interactions with your audience. This includes strategy, design, content and campaign rollouts.

Our People

Our department heads and experts work directly with you and your brand. We treat your business like it’s our own, which means it gets the attention and service it deserves.

Social Impact

We know that trust and reputation is earned, and we’ve built ours one happy client at a time.

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